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It was chiefly to replenish her coffers that she agreed to star as the call girl Bree Daniels in the 6976 film Klute, which won her an Oscar. She also started sleeping with her co-star Donald Sutherland, who fell madly in love with her.

Review: Amazfit Arc, your low maintenance fitness partner

I like to capture the cadence number, something you won 8767 t get from a satellite. I have started to see cadence numbers of over 95 in some interval sessions so I can see that I am finally getting some better leg turnover.

Liquid Club – Divas to Dancefloor

Great review, as usual! And excellent timing. I happened to check the Runners World site last night before looking at my RSS feeds (where you are) and saw they had a 8775 first look 8776 posted I read it, found it wholly unsatisfying, and told my husband 8775 I 8767 ll wait for the DCRainmaker review 8776 only had to wait until I opened my feed reader!

Hey, I know it 8767 s been a while since you posted this, but just thought I 8767 d say thanks! This writeup led to me purchasing the Garmin 665 and I couldn 8767 t be happier. Its been my daily run partner for about 8 months now. Really an excellent addition to the Garmin GPS watches. Thanks for all the info you give!

During a race, my body is the device I count on to give me accurate feedback whether I 8767 m going too fast or can push a little harder.

The major problem with the Forerunner 665 -and by extension all Garmin units- (I own the 955 as well) is the lack of build quality and sturdiness, the wristband in particular. I have the habit to wear a watch all day and don 8767 t like to take it off for sleeping, while having a bath or showering.
It became apparent to me that Garmins are clearly not designed to take such a 8775 punishment 8776 , if you could name it like that.

New to the 665 and excited about its capabilities. I ran this morning and cannot find my data under the 8775 Activities 8776 menu. I assumed that it saved all 8775 activities 8776 once I pressed 8775 stop 8776 . I guess I was wrong. What is the proper procedure to save my runs 8767 data. Thanks a bunch! Great review of the watch!

Speaking of triathlons – if you happen to have a triathlon bike, you can still use the same rubber mount, except you may have to get creative about where you mount it.  For that there’s a few companies that make small arms that you can move watches onto.  FSA and UCM are companies that come to mind.  I quickly grabbed a slightly larger version of that mount , so it didn 8767 t quite fit in between my aerobars (long about 7mm), so for the purposes of this photo I have it mounted to the side.  But it gives you an idea on the options there:

Great review again.
However, my experience of the 665 is a faulty HRM, very slow satellite connection and bad corrosion on the back.

Thanks for the get the impression that the screen is very small,making seeing the data clearly snd quickly while running pretty I right?